14 de marzo de 2017

Un Festín Sagital is on tour

The band is giving concerts all around Chile, many cities and even nowhere lands, this with the serious intention of continuing the sonic voyage, touring europe this year (Greece, France, Spain and Holland)

Our current line-up is:

*Michel Leroy: 12 and 6 String Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Electronics, Piano, Keyboards, Percussions, Drums, Violin and Voice

*Gonzalo Díaz: Percussion, Voice, Electronics, Drums, and Acoustic Guitar

*Horacio Ferro: Bass, Sitar, 12 String Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar and Voice

*Lucina Paz: Theremin, Synthesizers,
Environmental/ambient sounds, Charango and Voice.

*Marío Millao: Acoustic guitar, Bass and Voice.

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