10 de agosto de 2020


The unpublished version of "Migraciones", mixed and mastered by Hanz Myer, will be released on a gorgeous digipack CD through Astromelia discos on this months. 

25 de julio de 2018

"Cortex Post-Corteza Post-Cell" available via Necio Records

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Necio Records ha lanzado una edición limitada en CD de Cortex Post-Corteza Post-Cell (sólo 15 copias disponibles en el Bandcamp del sello). Colaboración con Lars Tangmark, y uno de nuestros discos más intensos. El CD viene con arte (collage y fotografía) de NUR.

Necio Records​ has released a limited CD edition of Cortex Post-Corteza Post-Cell. A collaboration with Lars Tängmark, and one of our most intense albums ever. The awesome album cover and inserts were created by NUR. 

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12 de septiembre de 2017

4 de junio de 2017

Un Festín Sagital – Aura Vol.I

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New live album (only digital for now), recorded in the Valle del Elqui, in the summer of 2017.

14 de marzo de 2017

Un Festín Sagital is on tour

The band is giving concerts all around Chile, in many cities and even nowhere lands, with the serious intention of continuing the sonic voyage, touring Europe later this year (Greece, France, Spain and Netherlands). This is our current line-up:
Michel Leroy—12- and 6-string acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electronics, piano, keyboards, percussion, drums, violin and vocals
Gonzalo Díaz—percussion, vocals, electronics, drums and acoustic guitar
Horacio Ferro—bass, sitar, 12-string acoustic guitar, electric guitar and vocals
Lucina Paz—theremin, synthesizers, environmental/ambient sounds, charango and vocals
Marío Millao—acoustic guitar, bass and vocals